ATS Core Services

Understand our client
We want to know how your business operates so that we can truly provide you with a specialized service resulting in the best possible outcome
Ask Questions and Advise Accordingly
Too often you get Accountants and Financial Planners always claiming they know everything! Sometimes it’s not all about money and being CPA certified and in the industry for over 25 years we would like to learn your business and find out what you want to do so that we can tailor a great solution
Manage Affairs
You pay us, so we handle everything for you, the responsibility is on us to enhance your situation and so we will manage your tax affairs appropriately.

How to ensure you pay the minimum tax required?

When asked this question, of course each answer is case specific however, that is not to say you will always have to pay tax. Tips on how Individuals can reduce their Income earned from PAYG employers is by asking their employer to pay them an allowance so that we can claim ‘Relief from Substantiation” ruling from ATO which means you can provide limited paperwork for your deduction claimed!

Specific industries that usually generate PSI (Personal Services Income) such as companies trading in IT, Consultancy, Plumbers, and Doctors, will have limited deductions that they can claim thanks to the ATO’s PSI rules however we can get around stating we are producing income through the trust structure which is still operating through a company legal entity in order to enhance your tax refund.

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