Is your MYOB reconciled? To ensure the smoothest outcome ensure your MYOB is reconciled to the bank account. Doing this reconciliation provides for more accurate results of your GST, sales, and purchases as well as reducing the cost of our services. We have all versions of MYOB to cater for your needs.

Shoe Box Receipts

Are you used to the traditional ways of paper record keeping, collecting receipts that amount to large piles. Well we can help you organize your records as well as setup a strong paper based management system to track your records for next financial year.

Capital Gains

Own property and are looking to sell? Has your accountant told you that you might be up for tax on sale of a property? We have advanced tax strategies to ensure that we minimize your capital gains, whether it is through property or through other business trading (i.e. shares)

GST Issues

There are many issues surrounding businesses and their GST obligations. An example of advice we can offer is if you are looking to finance a car within your business and want to increase your cash flow, we would be able to get you the total GST back on the purchase price within the first BAS lodged. We can do this via financing through a chattel mortgage to help enhance cash position (if your reporting tax on a cash basis, this is the only option according to GST Act 1999)