Circumstances of Individuals may vary from preparing basic returns all the way through to complex and detailed tax returns.

Schedule a Meeting

The first step is for us to get to know your situation and fundamentals look into your paperwork and draft your tax return so together we know what to expect

Email / Phone Correspondence

Don’t have time to come in, you can simply email us your information and we can draft a return so you know what to expect. We will provide a tax checklist that you can go through so that we can ensure we have you covered for all areas.


All individuals are different but most contain similar content and so as a result of working with the ATO and understanding what deductions they allow and what ATO targets are currently in place we can advise you based on a risk vs. return model


You have now received your return and enhanced your knowledge for future tax seasons to come. We wish you the best and will provide you with discounts for referring your valued friends and family over to experience the ATS difference.